What Is Internet and Its Features

What Is Internet

By the way, this question will often arise in your mind that What is Internet? Who has control over this, who is the real owner of the Internet? If you are also troubled by this thinking, then leave worry because today I am going to give you  information about internet in this article.

What is Internet?

The Internet is simply a juggling of unconnected stars. In which new information is being added everyday. Internet is such a group of all computers in the world. Within which countless computers are connected. All these computers work together to form a large network called Internet.

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Each computer connected to this network is given a special identity. And this identity is known as their IP Address i.e. Internet Protocol. The Internet is also known as www (World Wide Web). Which is connected to all the computers in the world through a server.

What is an IP address?

An IP address is such a unique number. By which special identification is given to a computer. Like you have been named for your identity. In the same way, it is the name of the computer.

Although no one can know from your name that you keep saying, but the IP address of the computer can be found from its location. The domain name is connected to the IP address to find the location. I think you must have understood what internet actually is.

How does the internet work

As I mentioned above that What is Internet, the Internet is a network consisting of many types of computers. The help of ISP (Internet Service Provider) is taken to keep these computers connected together without wires.

Data on the Internet such as photos, videos, documents is already uploaded by converting it to HTML language. So when you search on the internet for anything. So the list related to it opens.


Think as if you are searching for a song on the Internet. So on the Internet, you will show the results of all those sites on which the song has already been uploaded. Not only this, in today’s time there are millions and millions of sites on the Internet.

With the help of which you can search whatever you want. In the world, when something is manufactured for good. So its misuse is also justified. Because not all are equal, let’s give you information about the advantages and disadvantages of internet.

Advantages of Internet – Benefits of Internet

With the help of internet, humans can get complete information about any subject (Science, Tech, Education etc.). From the Internet, you can share photos, videos and documents with friends or with anyone. Whether he lives in any corner of the world.

With the help of this, you can also do video conference i.e. face to face live video chat. You can watch online video here, fill online form. Apart from this, all types of online work can be done. With the help of internet, all the country’s government can make its scheme accessible to the public easily and quickly.

Here you can store your own memorable photos, videos by Lifetime Store. For which, besides Google Drive on the Net, there is a more trusted website which provides this facility.

Disadvantages of Internet – Disadvantage Of Internet

Make sure before searching information on the Internet. The information you are being given is correct. Because there are some fake sites too. Avoid the wrong information that you provide. Own personal information on all websites shown on the Internet.

For example, do not share credit card information, bank account number etc. Otherwise you may suffer loss. There are many such hackers on the Internet. Which can steal the data in your computer. So there is a need to be a little careful here.

There are millions of websites on the net. Some of which also provide pornographic content. If your child gets trapped by them, then his life can be ruined. Online fraud is also done on the Internet. So when buying the same from Net, get good information about that site.

History of Internet

Internet was invented in America in 1969 when it created the ARPAN i.e. Advance Research Project Agency Network for the Department of Defense, which was converted into a network by connecting 4 computers and sharing data with the help of this network.

But gradually it was made bigger by adding other other computers and then later it was opened to the general public as well. In today’s time, so many computers have been added to it that there is no owner and no control over it, but most of the sites that register Domain Name are from America.

When did internet start in India

Internet was first used in India in 1995. After which a site called Rediffmail was started in 1996. Even today many people in India use Id made on Reddifmail.

In 2000, search engine sites like yahoo and Msn came up. After which, most of the work in India started being done through internet. But now Google has become the most liked search engine in almost the entire world. Which started in 2004.


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